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The budget for the cost of building a home is a complex process and requires special knowledge because of the many factors that affect the final cost.

Such factors may be the location, the type of soil, the type of material, the installations, the study of the building, the workshops to be used, the supervision and many other factors.

The table below gives an indicative cost per work for the complete construction of a dwelling, with reinforced concrete frame, masonry of thermal insulation bricks, exterior and interior coatings and all other structures as listed in the table.
Costs include the required studies and the cost of materials and construction work, but not the cost of the land.

In the square 'Surface of the house' you will fill the total area of ​​the house in sq. subway.
In the 'Cost of construction' square you will fill in the estimated construction cost in € per square meter. and press the 'Calculate' button.
The cost of manufacturing, in Euro per sq. measure, for a normal residence ranges from 800 - 1000 €.
In the square 'Cost of construction' has been set as proposed cost of construction 800 € per sq. M. You can replace this amount with another estimated construction cost in € per square meter.
Calculate the cost of building your home

Calculate the cost of building your home

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Α - Phase of Construction

  • Design -
  • Exscavation -
  • Reinforced -
  • Masonry

  • Coatings

Β' Phase of Construction

  • Roof

  • Insulations -
  • Ironworks

  • Marbles

  • Electrical

Γ' Φάση Κατασκευής

  • Υδραυλικά-
  • Θέρμανση

  • Δάπεδα

  • Είδη Υγιεινής-
  • Κουφώματα-

Τελική Φάση Κατασκευής

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  • Τζάκια-
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  • Χρωματισμοί

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