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Wooden Doors - Windows

Wood is the oldest material used to make window frames. As a material it is ready for nature, it is robust, has very good mechanical properties and considerable durability. So even today, the wooden frames are very useful for the construction and renovation of the buildings. For the construction of frames it is possible to use any kind of wood, provided that the wood is unencumbered and does not show cracks, distortions, large or dense knots, irregular or sparse rings, intense color differences or other physical or technological anomalies. The moisture content may not exceed certain limits depending on the type and use of the frame. The resistance of wood to pests, insects, fungi, moisture or other harmful agents should be improved by impregnation with appropriate substances.

Characteristics of wooden frames.

wooden doors

The main advantages of the wood are its easy processing even with limited technical means, its good thermal insulation and sound insulation properties and its aesthetics. The exterior surfaces of the wooden frames can be molded uniformly in one plane and without joints, they can either preserve their natural color and texture, or be painted with paint or varnish. The wooden frame can easily change coloring as opposed to aluminum frames that can not be repainted or changed in color.

Finally, because of the ease with which the wood is processed, we can make curved joinery, which is very difficult for aluminum frames and expensive in the window frames.