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The benefits of green roofs

The benefits of green roofs

green roof on a small house

In addition to aesthetic upgrading of the environment, Green Roofs have ecological, technical and economic benefits.

Ecological Benefits

  • Decreases high air temperatures in densely populated urban areas (cement cities).
    Green Roofs cool and moisten the air that surrounds us, creating a microclimate that has a beneficial effect on our immediate environment.
  • They constitute a natural habitat for animals and plants.
    Green Roofs create biodiversity, favor wildlife development, such as birds, butterflies, insects, and help them stay in populated urban areas.
  • Decrease levels of dust and smoke.
    The vegetation of Green Roof helps to filter air from dust and smoke particles. Nitrates and other airborne infections are absorbed by the air, they fall with rain and end up in the soil.

Technical Benefits

green roof on top of small house
  • Retention of the water momentum of the torrential rains.
    Depending on its design, a green roof can reduce the water flow of a torrential rain from 50% to 90%. In addition, the maximum flow rate of rainwater decreases rapidly and the maximum flow period is delayed for up to 4 hours, thus reducing the pressure and overloading of the existing drainage system in heavy rains.
  • Additional Thermal Resistance.
    Green Roof can improve the heat resistance of the roof throughout the year, especially in the summer months, thus helping to reduce energy consumption and the cost of cooling the interior of buildings.
  • Reduction of the Noise Level.
    A typical Green Roof with a 10 cm planting soil thickness can reduce reflection noise up to 3 dB and improve the sound insulation capacity of the roof up to 8 dB. As a result, this is strongly reflected in buildings located near areas of intense noise, such as airports, industries, motorways, etc.

Benefits for the Owner

green roof -yard of house
  • Increases shelf life.
    The green roof protects the roofing membrane from the extreme natural phenomena (heat, frost, etc.) and natural wear, thus lengthening its lifetime.
  • An additional useful surface is created.
    Converting a roof that has not been used in Green Roofs so far creates an extra pleasant, useful and functional space that increases the value of our property.
  • Financial incentives.
    More and more government authorities offer incentives (financial, tax, etc.) to those who create green roofs to help reduce their construction costs.